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JEA Write-off Contest Registration

Entries are limited to one contestant per category, per school. Confer with all media advisers in your school to choose contest participants. Decide which students from each staff will enter each category. If two or more individuals on different staffs want to participate in the same category, only one may be chosen to represent the school. A school may enter one person per category. Each student may participate in only one category.

EXCEPTIONS: Two-person teams are allowed to submit one story as a team in Video News Story, Video Sports Story, Video Feature Story and In-Camera Feature categories. Each person must pay the contest entry fee. Online submission contestants will be disqualified if they do not personally attend the 4-6 p.m. critique session.

Join JEA if you are not already a member. Students cannot enter the Write-off contest unless their adviser is a JEA member. School or library membership does not apply.

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